Children & Family Work

It’s so easy sometimes to get so anxious about the bigger picture that you forget to see what is staring you right in the eye isn’t it. We have started an Alpha Youth Group through a series of videos which is going very well. The last episode was called “Jesus, Who Is He?” and each month takes you on a journey to a different place and last month’s journey took us to Israel. The crew passed the Sea of Galilee and I was reminded of those two words “follow me” and how the disciples must have felt following Jesus and stepping out of the boat. These young people have stepped out of the boat by asking and answering some difficult questions in a very honest way. The videos have really opened up conversations and it has reminded me of the period of Lent and contemplation, of digging deeper and finding out what the Easter story really means for us and for others.

I have always been blessed with volunteers who step out of the boat to support our children and young people and have found recently that not only are people volunteering, they are also happy to support other groups. Some of our Eco Team have supported our Mini Youth Group which can now run from the church. Our older children have applied for Saltire Awards and we have welcomed new members. Messy Church has continued on-line and again we have some wonderful young leaders and we hope to get our wellies on again and turn Messy Church into Muddy Church as we venture outdoors. We will be opening the church to our young people during Easter break to offer them a quiet study area and fellowship. Our Emoji Group continues via zoom to support our young folks with anxiety and the Eco Group are looking forward to another Eco Fun Day as well as Eco Walks. All are welcome on the Eco Team – please speak to me or a member of our team if you would like more information. It is all age, all welcoming and really good fun!

My hope for everyone is that Easter brings us all a strength, comfort and continued purpose to support each other with the reassurance that He is with us always and there is no need to fear so that we never lose sight of the bigger picture, of a world beyond our journeys and familiar places.

Love and Best Wishes,