DBC Community pantry & café

The community pantry room is nearly finished and will be opening very soon, please keep an eye on our notice board for more information.

Breaking news!

I am absolutely delighted to tell you that the Kirk Session have approved DB having its own Community Pantry. Community Pantry’s are for meeting the needs of food poverty and food waste. It’s a very sad day though that there is food poverty and then you have the food waste… perfectly good food going to landfill. Well we hope we can help those suffering from food poverty in our community. We are hoping that shops will give us ‘ Best before’ and on the day ‘Use by’ food that we can hand out to anyone. We will also be able to apply for grants.

The small hall has been given over to us and once the logistics are worked out it will be transformed into our community pantry.

OKFP will still have the Food Bank on a Wednesday and will provide the ‘Basic bags’. They are not able to provide the extras that we have got used to handing out though.. the fresh fruit and veg, cakes, etc including sometimes lovely flowers.

Liz Stewart
Session Clerk