Property Report

Very brief update… After almost two years the windows at the church have been cleaned inside and outside.

With restrictions easing, we have put the soft seats back into the Sanctuary for Worship. We are keeping the layout the same as we had for the services at the end of the year. Two sections only rather than the more friendly four sections.

We have one wee issue though if anyone has any advice they could give us.. how to remove the backing from the marking tape we had on the floor. All the toilets have reopened.
We have not resumed the refuse pick up from the Council yet and any groups/organisations using the church are encouraged to take their rubbish with them.

We are still having a few issues at the manse but hopefully everything will settle down soon. It has been a very expensive exercise refurbishing inside and outside however while we have tenants all the money spent can be reclaimed through the Consolidated Fabric Fund in Edinburgh. The tenants rent goes straight into the Church of Scotland account and we can claim back money once it’s built up a bit. The money in the fund can be used for repairs to the church or the manse. However If we had, had permission to call a minister then none of the money spent would have been refunded to us.

As we all know we may not be in the position to call a minister for a long time.. so I guess although not ideal, all the money spent is building up to be refunded into our account.

Liz Stewart
Property Convener
Mobile: 07903489912
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