Worship on-line

The Sunday service is livestreamed at 10.30 am (or any time thereafter) on the Dalmuir Barclay Church U-tube channel. If you would like to watch it by this method, please contact Liz Stewart who will send you the link each week. The service is also available on the Dalmuir Barclay Church Facebook site.

Ways to stay connected

Interim Moderator: Rev. Gregor McIntyre: 01389-876836; 07749133552 or gregor.mcIntyre@churchofscotland.org.uk
Session Clerk: Mrs. Liz Stewart: 01389-382658; 07903489912 or et.okay6@gmail.com
Zoom Chats: Zoom chats are held on Mondays at 2pm and again at 8pm. If you would like to join in a chat and Liz Stewart hasn’t got your email address, please contact her and she will send you the link.
Zoom Quiz Evening: Every second Friday at 8 pm we have zoom quiz nights. These have been fun and the quiz lasts approx. 60-90 minutes. Again, Liz Stewart can send you the link.